The best shirts on Moteefe 2020.12.01

The best shirts on Moteefe 2020.12.01

Maybe you should provide some positive input. in the conviction of our own inerrability, by wreaking havoc in natural ecosystems and relying on unconstrained economical growth we gradually spiral into the final catastrophe. the pure infatuation which will cost us our civilisation. Not mentioned by the BBC: the overwhelming majority of Victorians supported the lockdowns, at least until very late in the piece. A very narrow view presented in this article and it comes nowhere near in describing the overall impact. Many positives occurred as well for many other Victorians, to focus in on an up-market yuppie area such as Chapel Street, is misleading.

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I love how everyone referring to the cure being worse than the virus… same people that never go to the casino unless it’s with someone else’s money Tough for people who`ve lost their jobs and businesses collapsing. We must not forget them while recognising that the Victorian government and health authorities did the right thing, unpopular though it was. Businesses only suffered if they were stuck in the landlord economy. Eliminate the landlord and eliminate the damage. Sure it’s a killer but going forward if you’re not looking to purchase the bricks and mortar then you probably shouldn’t be going into business. Eliminate the tax breaks and you’ll illuminate the reliance on landlords Victoria is projected to lose up to 325,000 jobs this year alone, according to a report by the City of Melbourne.’ The population of Victoria = 4 million.

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The BBC is seriously reporting – with no objection – that a policy that results in 325000 job losses in Victoria is a success story. This is gaslighting, on the one hand, we are told a severe lockdown is a success but the devastation of the lockdown is not put down to the measures explicitly, instead, it is implied that ‘allegedly’ preventing the spread of the virus was necessary, there was no other alternative. This distorts the perception and judgement of the issue and it’s done on purpose.
The audience is conditioned to accept that massive economic turmoil is just inevitable due to a low lethality virus when it is in reality wholly avoidable and the government’s policies are directly responsible for the economic damage.

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