Representing The Los Angeles National League 2020 National League Champions Shirt

Representing The Los Angeles National League 2020 National League Champions Shirt

As an outsider from overseas, I’m still shocked to this day. But this is their mentality and I heard it first hand. Don’t be shocked at the beating of one single person. The world is rotten. Here in Africa that happens every day, policemen and women have grown pompous. BTW don’t attach race to it. Stop putting petrol into the fire. First, tell us what led the police into beating up the black man then we can make a proper commitment to it besides it happens everywhere the even UK is on daily basis. When the victim is black its racial violence but when the victim is of the same race its police brutality. Cops justify brute force to protect law-abiding citizens except those who overdid it still have to face court trials if found guilty… Macron shocked, how these media showing him even though everyone knows he is racist, no respect for others his politics is driven by hatred. Nice headline BBC, how do you think the man beaten felt?

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Maybe Macron should take his head out the sand and look at his country. Liar and hypocrite he is the one who introduced newly draconian rules to protect police from being investigated in their brutalities Macron should first show his being “visibly upset” by reducing his presence on the African continent as France has it’s roots planted deep nearly into everything. Black people its no surprise the world treats us this way, they’ve always wanted to break that which is stronger, destroy that which they don’t understand, but one day every little thing will be alright. This was not what appears to be 100 per cent…its crooked cops getting information. No arrest takedown is this long.

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They beat him for answers…I say drug-related dirty cops Did they just beat out of pure spite or what happened. Police brutality should be stopped against all races and people. Why is everyone so shocked because they beat up a black man? Surely we should all be shocked if they beat up anybody? Would it have even been reported if he had been white? What did he do to give the police reason for entering his premises that’s the first question. Police cannot just come to your place without a reason once I am satisfied with that aspect of questioning then I would give my opinion. So the police beat a thug. If the thug is White or other races, the media wouldn’t bother to mention. I always wonder are the media collaborating with some Alien forces to destroy humanity. French President might be thinking about his future that’s why straight away he maligned the action of the police cope. But overall Macron was able to control the society and prevented a second wave of the black lives matter.

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Representing The Los Angeles National League 2020 National League Champions Shirt

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