Turkey Face Mask Happy Thanksgiving Toilet Paper 2020 Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie and Long Sleeved

Turkey Face Mask Happy Thanksgiving Toilet Paper 2020 Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie and Long Sleeved

Seems to be what happens after it’s all cut & dried if history is any gauge. For a manager, Braun is doing a good job of creating bad PR for himself. He should have done the honourable thing and sold the masters back to her without making an NDA part of the deal. Guess he doesn’t have it in himself to put his big boy pants on. She will recover. She’s already in the process of doing so. I get there’s an emotional tie because it’s her masters but there are a lot of artists in the same boat. If anything it’s a lesson others can learn from. When you are offered a contract, you should take the time and read it before signing it. If you put your signature on it then it means that you agree on these terms.

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Schnauzer And Wine Feeling Fine Shirt

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Plus record companies have been doing that for years, it is called business! There’s something Faustian about this. But also, I’m searching for my musician soul for sympathy and finding none. Why is that? So what? Record labels/media conglomerates are essentially investment funds by another name anyway. She’s now powerful enough to set the terms for exploitation and ownership of her content moving forward. There’s nothing she can do about the music she doesn’t own unless she chooses to buy it as many other artists have done with their early recordings and publishing. She was a child when she signed on, also probably didn’t even get that much as an advance as who knew back then how popular she’d become?

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Turkey Face Mask Happy Thanksgiving Toilet Paper 2020 Shirt

Santa Claus All I Want For Christmas Is A Big Fish Ugly Christmas Shirt

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If I own a car, then sell the car, I don’t get the right to drive it anymore, neither do I have the right to be upset if the new owner of the car I sold then resells it.. but it seems Ms Swift thinks otherwise. From this week she starts Re-recording all her old work she has Broken over 30 Guinness world records in music won Artist of the decade Donate millions to charity paid for fans to see her in Concert paid fans College Debts paid off Hospital bills Invites fans round her house for private sessions the list is endless a true Legend Labels often own master rights there’s nothing untoward going on here at all, she signed the contract. I don’t understand. She sold them for (a lot of) hard cash, and I’m assuming she was not pressured to do so.

Owl So Many Books So Little Time Sweatshirt

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