The Peanuts Santa Abbey Road Merry Christmas Shirt

The Peanuts Santa Abbey Road Merry Christmas Shirt

I’m an American waiting eagerly yet as patient as I can be. Hope the victory is for Biden & Harris. Nevada is done. The remaining ballots are mainly from a heavily dem county. That’s 270 on the dot. Game over And a few are sniffing glue but I’m sure you all got lots more important things going on in your own countries! Or maybe not! I can’t take it anymore either. My feed is just about live results .. I’m missing out on cute animal videos. You read and watch too much-biased media. They don’t worry about Trump’s personality so much as what he has accomplished and you won’t read or watch that here or on US media. They voted for him in such huge numbers because he gives them something 8years of Obama with his loveable personality didn’t.

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When You’re Dead Inside But It’s The Holiday Season Shirt

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Maybe not so dumb? I’ve been wondering throughout this whole process how it might look to people in other countries. And I’m just wondering, do any of y’all understand the electoral college? I’ve grown up with it and am therefore used to it, but it must seem insane to other people. I’m American who has lived in a bubble (California). I’ve come to the sudden realization that half of our country is an embarrassment! And alcohol. Honestly, though, that’s more for a lot of us to handle how so many people can support someone so unbelievably detrimental to us and the world. As long as the vote counts are accurate, from all the registered voters, and keeps within each states’ laws, federal laws, and Constitutional laws.

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The Peanuts Santa Abbey Road Merry Christmas Shirt

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