Wann Kommt Der Merch Von Twenty4tim Raus Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie and Long Sleeved

Wann Kommt Der Merch Von Twenty4tim Raus Shirt, Sweater, Hoodie and Long Sleeved

4 years ago, Trump was okay counting all the votes. Now that he is losing, it has become rigging. This orange clown has taken America to the dogs, demonstrating every sign in the book of an African dictator Trump’s supporters are intellectually challenged and cannot see what he is doing and how easily they are being manipulated by this spiteful devious man!!! A great president, hope he remains in office. I didn’t say a great man but wow he made America a better country despite everything he has been through. Do whatever makes my guy win! Logic isn’t needed! Just need my cult leader to win again As an American, I will say that we are processing all this information the best we can. To be honest, neither candidate is qualified. We have to live with the repercussions as we have since the dawn of elections.

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I have compassion for all countries, I would hope that the same can be done for us as we navigate this mess. Crybabies the lot of them…..but all we’ve heard in the states during this administration is whining and complain right-wingers. Lol someone shared a “ballot” room earlier to prove how easy it was to cheat yet we see here at the end what the ballot room looks like and dudes are in full hazmat suits. Good job conservatives. Turning teachers grading tests into your little fairytale as proof of cheating On behalf of all sane Americans, which is roughly half of us, I’m sorry you have to witness such behaviour. It doesn’t reflect our values. Their unity is crumbling as is their cult leader soon we’ll be free from this orange mistake and bring back some stability to the United States. If votes were being stolen from Trump, why aren’t the democrats picking up senate and house seats?

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