How Biden Stole The Election Funny Ugly Christmas Shirt

How Biden Stole The Election Funny Ugly Christmas Shirt

Trump may express his opinion. You are a news channel, required by charter to be impartial. You are reporting Trump’s opinion as “false claim” and “unsubstantiated” ie expressing your own biased opinion, not fact We’ve seen it in our own country with ballot papers altered on hidden cameras. The media have never liked Trump. The same as Johnson. They tell lies and spread lies. The only comments made here should be in support of Olivia, her husband and the baby they sadly lost. I can’t imagine what they have been through – sending condolences to all parents who have been in this dreadful situation I don’t understand why partners aren’t allowed at appointments, they’re in the same household or at least the support bubble of the mother to be!

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How Biden Stole The Election Funny Ugly Christmas Shirt

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Social distancing in waiting rooms IS possible, being pregnant myself with twins it’s heartbreaking to see moms in the waiting room staring at a phone screen because their partners can’t be with them It’s ridiculous not enough checks being done on pregnant women, so more issues are getting missed and they need the support of there husband or partner as it’s their baby too, the Fathers matters too. I hope something gets done to change this. You don’t have those value• added family standards generations coming out to learning all the violations of rules and low fares. Baby loss affects older and younger parents the person giving birth, but the non-birth-giving parent too, rich and poor, of all racial groups etc. And as such does deserve time to discuss in Parliament and time & cash for support services for those affected. This, I imagine, is a weight that never goes away and I can imagine it affects the other kids – if any – of the parents too.


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